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The Districts of United Kingdom worth Visiting

Posted May 16, 2015 by admin


The United Kingdom is a place that requires absolutely no introduction. Once an empire where the sun never set, it is now confined popularly to the British Isles and several small territories across the world. Even in the British Isles, the scenic beauty that it possesses and many wonders of the ancient world that date back millennia make it one of the most visited and loved places across the world. There is no shortage of tourism as well as tourist sites across the country and if you are planning to visit the UK, make sure you visit the following places at all cost:

§  England:

Whenever thinking of places to visit, England never disappoints. From the docks of Liverpool to the canals of Manchester, from River Thames in London to the beaches in the far south, this country is filled with places to visit. London itself is a hub of all tourists, with locations such as the Parliament and Big Ben as one of the most visited places in the world. The London eye along with Wembley stadium is also a highly recommended place to visit at least once in your lifetime. This city has been in the spotlight for centuries and it seems it will not fade away at all. It is a cultural hub of the United Kingdom and a standing witness of its rich history. Guildford is a town near Central London which is also worth visiting. Guildford Taxis and other services make the travelling there convenient as well.

§  Scotland:

Whenever you visit the UK, your tour is simply incomplete if you haven’t visited the famous castles of Scotland. It is a country filled with various landmarks of history. Its largest cities are Edinburgh and Glasgow which are almost chocked filled with galleries and museums with amazing masterpieces. The architecture of these places is simply astounding as well. It is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts who can try trekking and hiking in places such as West Highland Way or other adventurous sports at the Ice falls of Glencoe.

§  Wales:

This is definitely one of the most underrated locations in all of England. The scenic beauty of this place cannot be ignored at all. The coastline of Wales stretches out to almost 1200 km and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The city of Cardiff keeps you well within the modern electrifying night life where as the rest of Wales remind you of the peace and serenity of country life.

§  Northern Ireland:

It is one of the lush gems of the United Kingdom often over shadowed wrongfully by its neighboring countries. Belfast is one of its most fascinating places to visit, along with the walled city of Derry/London berry and several other locations.

These locations show the diversity of the UK and its people along with their cultures. This is what makes the UK such a worthwhile place to visit, therefore seize the next opportunity you get to visit the British Isles.

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